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ESPHome Multisensor – Case design

ESPHome Multisensor – Case design

To complete the project i had to design the case to include all components.

For that i began using Fusion 360 for makers, but after some time designing and 3d printing i finaly gave up because of the lack of sketch drawing in free version. Then after some research i discovered Solid Edge 2024 and included Keyshot 2023 for makers. After some loss of time discovering the software, i can say that’s the best one i ever used (Tried FreeCAD too but after some time drawing everything was messed up).

My first try was a big fail and a bad idea.

Then i imagined making a round case, with included supports and a rotating door, but it failed too. Too little for wires and esp and modules supports were too weak, and after all not approved by my wife.

Finaly i ended up drawing a rectangular case in 2 parts, with space for wires and nylon fixations holes for modules. Below part was printed using PLA Printer for better resistance, and cover using Anycubic ABS Like 2 Resin. Avatar
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